In today’s busy world maintaining a healthy and fit body is everyone’s dream and it’s quite a challenging task. But when there is a keen desire to stay fit and look good, no hurdle is big enough. Team HealthSlay got a chance to conversate with someone who has achieved this feat and made a beautiful physical transformation.

Madhusudan Bagret aka Jessy Bagret is not an aspiring model or wannabe bodybuilder, but the way he is training his body, he can give to many fitness icons an inferiority complex.
Let’s see what this champ has to say about various questions from team HealthSlay.

HealthSlay – How did your love affair with the gym start?

Jessy – I have always been very much into sports and all. I used to play football, do running and gymnastics around 10-12 years back. And ironically, I used to avoid going to the gym as far as possible. It was later when I got into my profession, and due to time constraints, I started hitting the gym regularly. And now it has been 4 years in a row that I have been training in the gym.

HealthSlay – How do you balance your fitness goals along with your professional life?

Jessy – Initially it was very difficult for me. Being in sales and that too in a field job, one rarely gets any stamina left for work out by the end of the day. During the earlier days, It was very difficult to maintain a routine and keep myself gym-ready after exerting so much at the work. But with a little bit of time management and discipline, things got better and regular for me.

HealthSlay – Who do you idolize or see as a fitness icon for you?

Jessy – I idolize Myself (laughs). I like Johnny Depp and his lifestyle very much, but for fitness, I follow no one. I feel my life is very different and I have got my own set of challenges and levels of achievement. I try to make myself better than I was yesterday, So I never feel any need to follow any fitness celebrity or film star.

HealthSlay – What according to you is the perfect fitness mantra?

Jessy – I think there is no single formula for a perfect body. Every person has a different lifestyle and metabolism, so they need to understand and make their own formula. Even when someone asks me for any fitness advice, I first ask them about their daily routine and what they have already been doing to keep healthy so that he can get a piece of customized advice for his/her body type.

HealthSlay – How do manage your diet? Do you use any kind of supplements?

Jessy – I have a completely natural body. I eat whatever is cooked or available at home generally. Hailing from a completely vegetarian family I must get my quota of proteins, So I eat Chicken and eggs out of my home post-workout generally. Apart from this, I have never taken any kind of supplement or steroid, due to which I also get respect from other guys at the gym.

HealthSlay – What mistakes according to you, newbies or rookies at the gym should avoid? Any piece of advice.

Jessy – The biggest mistake new guys at the gym make is that they start expecting results very early and when they don’t get that, they get disappointed and leave. According to me, fitness is an ever-ongoing process and one should keep mental patience. when some new joiners ask me, I always tell them to first just be regular in the gym for about 2 months. They’ll automatically start getting results when they get regular.

HealthSlay – Do you have your cheat days or cheat meals?

Jessy – I’m generally very disciplined about my diet, So I don’t generally believe in cheat meals. But sometimes when I don’t get my required Macros from the meal, I take something that can compensate for that. For example, if someday I skip my eggs, I try to compensate by eating some protein-rich snacks. But I never intentionally go for cheat meals.

HealthSlay – Which is one work out that you never skip?

Jessy – Legs!!! I do all other muscles single time a week but for legs, I go two times. Good Legs I feel are one of the toughest things to achieve. And this is the only thing that drives me to go extra hard.

HealthSlay – So what are your future plans in the fitness arena?

Jessy – To be very honest, I keep getting various offers, some friends even suggested opening my own gym. But for me keeping myself fit is my hobby and I want to keep it that way only. I’d never want to make it my profession as I don’t want to compromise on my own body. I just love doing it passionately as a hobby.

HealthSlay – What is your message to people engaged in drugs or other substance addictions?

Jessy – You know I’ve myself taken alcohol in moderation occasionally, but one thing I can guarantee, gyming is way better an addiction than anything else in the world. It is something which makes you real high and you can feel the hangover even days later. No drug can replace the pleasure of fitness.

What an Inspiring chap !!!

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