Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Healthslay got an opportunity to interview someone who believes in this principle completely to the core. Sameer Singh Bhagat is a regular face in various bodybuilding competitions across Punjab and won several awards and accolades. Sameer is a professional fitness trainer and has plans to go big nationally and Internationally in the bodybuilding arena soon. Let’s know more about him and his thoughts on health and fitness, through the following questions:

Tell us something about your fitness journey.
I wasn’t this fit always. During my childhood and early teenage, I used to be very skinny so my family and friends would tease me and call me different names. One of my close friends initiated me to hit the gym. Soon I felt it to be my true calling, my body responded very beautifully and I never looked back. Since then I have participated and won various bodybuilding and powerlifting championships at state and national level.

What is the secret of maintaining regularity in the gym?
To be honest it is all about your love and passion when it comes to regularity. Initially, I also had some hit and miss gym sessions wherein sometimes I had gaps for even months. Sometimes It was due to studies and other times casual miss outs. But from the last 4 years, I have been doing it religiously with whole my heart and soul.

Who all are your bodybuilding inspiration?
I take inspiration from life and struggle of a lot of professional bodybuilders but the ones which I follow and look upon are National bodybuilding icons like Sangram Chougule, Sunit Jadhav, Suhas Khamkar.

What is your typical workout routine like?
When I prepare for competitions, I train twice a day. Generally, it is cardio in the mornings and muscle training in the evenings. And during offseason, I train once a day with sole purpose of macro loading.

Does missing a workout day affects or bothers you?
I feel like going crazy when I miss my gym routine. Fitness is such a drug that one becomes an addict to it automatically. And for a professional bodybuilder or powerlifter, it’s harder to live even a day without gym.

What is true fitness according to you?
Fitness according to me is more than just a perfectly shaped body. Fitness is when your body starts listening to you and you can change or mould it the way you want. I did powerlifting initially so I had a buffed up body but now for bodybuilding, I changed it as required. So that according to me is true health and fitness.

Which are your most favourite and not so favourite workouts?
I like and also get appreciated most of the times for my Chest, Biceps and shoulders. I can never skip my workout for these three. I sometimes feel lazy while working out on the thighs and Abs. But it does not mean I skip them. A great upper body is of no use if your thighs are not good. So laziness is no excuse if one is up for a great body.

What mistakes can beginners avoid for long term fitness?
For new-age beginners major distraction or mistake is relying on YouTube fitness videos too much. I see many YouTube newbies making several mistakes daily in my Gym. Second mistake new guys make is working too hard very early on. They try to lift heavy weights in the wrong postures and eventually harm their body badly. One should have patience; haste makes nothing but waste.

What according to you are the prerequisites for getting a perfect body?
One has to make a hell lot of sacrifices to get a perfect body. It is not just about going and hitting the gym regularly but also taking care of your diet and sleep. I think 70% is a good diet and rest is a proper workout. And of course one should get 7-8 hours of good sound sleep to let the body repair itself.

What are your views on cheat days or cheat meals?
I personally feel the role of cheat days is very important to have a good fast metabolism. But you should not let yourself completely loose on cheat days, one medium pizza or a chicken burger is enough. I take my own cheat days weekly or biweekly. Taking a bad diet regularly is more harmful than a cheat day here and there.

What is your take on shortcuts in the fitness industry?
Taking shortcuts harms your body in the long run. Guys who go for steroids or other easy alternatives for faster results regret later in their life. This can impact their vital organs badly and sometimes can be fatal also. So one should refrain from any kind of shortcuts and workout under proper guidance.

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