Running Injuries:

Running or jogging is one of the best available options for moderate kind of physical activity which doesn’t require any type of fitness equipment and has immense health benefits.

From brisk walking to jogging or running, this exercise provides various benefits to the body. But one should be all cautious about running with proper technique or else the individual may sustain some type of injury.

Running Injuries

Although running related injuries are generally minor but some can be very serious. Even minor injuries may become chronic with time if left untreated or inappropriately treated.
Knee often is the most affected area, though ankle, hip, groin, foot or back can also be the sites of injury.

Let’s discuss some of the training techniques that can minimize or avoid the occurrence of running injuries.

  • Warm up:

    Proper warm-up is very important before starting running or sprinting. All the professional athletes and sprinters value warm up as an indispensable part of their routine. So never skip the warm-up part …ever.

Warm up: Running Injuries


  • Running surface:

    This is also one the major contributor to injuries while running. A surface which is very hard or uneven will definitely lead to some injury. So prefer running on the even surface, synthetic track or preferably a treadmill.

Running Surface: Running Injuries

  • Quality of Shoes:

    As a soldier would never compromise with the quality of his armour, one should never go for run wearing worn out or poor quality shoes. Poorly constructed shoes may lead to a jerk or even back injury. So always wear good quality shoes or preferably shoes designed for running only.

Running Injuries: Quality of Shoes

  • Knowing the Limits:

    Pushing the limits excessively may lead to injuries due to excessive wear and tear of the muscles. Avoid the temptation of running too much in the early days. Rather one should plan and increase the distance linearly and regularly so that body can adapt the changes.

Running Injuries: Knowing the limits

  • Post Injury:

    Running too soon after an injury is always discouraged as it will worsen the original injury. Though it is important to keep active, going for an alternative exercise program is always a better option.
    Careful exercise can rehabilitate the injured area. So always be cautious about coming back from an injury and starting to run again.

Post Running Injuries

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