Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as the name suggests we literally break our night long fasting. Having taken supper around 8 hours back, our body deserves a good meal in the form of breakfast. However, not all of us give breakfast its due respect and skip it. Some take it but not in a proper way leading to many problems and lifestyle-related disorders.

Here is the list of breakfast mistakes that everyone need to avoid.

1. Skipping breakfast: the Biggest mistake that the majority of the population makes is to skip breakfast. It may be due to early morning work shifts, traveling or simply due to unorganised day schedule. But skipping breakfast slows down the metabolism and make us feel lethargic. Grab a toast, fruit, shake or a bowl of sprouts as quick breakfast rather than avoiding it.

2. Unhealthy breakfast: some people tend to take high calorie or high-fat items in the breakfast which is not a good option. Try taking a bowl of cereals or oats, chapati, whole fruit or fistful of nuts rather than going for calorie or sugar dense foods like pancakes, doughnuts or muffins etc. Eggs can also serve the purpose as they are not only a good source of protein but also impart a feeling of fullness for a longer duration.

3. Juicing the fruit: Having juice in breakfast is a good option but always relying on it is bad. Most of the times we end up blending the fruits for juice rather than eating it as a whole. This actually reduces the nutritional value of the food as most of its fibre along with vitamins and minerals is lost in the process.

4. Eating too much or too less: Finding a balance in the meal size is the most important aspect and breakfast also deserves it. We tend to either eat a lot sometimes or very less the other times, which leads to varied metabolism. So try to go for an adequate amount of nutritious breakfast. It is always a good idea to try a variety in breakfast but meal size must not be compromised.

5. Taking simple carbs: Always avoid taking high glycaemic index foods or simple carbs. Go for more complex form of carbs like wholegrain cereals, nuts, legumes. Foods like potatoes, white bread and white rice should be minimised as they have comparatively high glycaemic index. One must always avoid packaged food and juices containing sugar.

So always try to avoid the above mistakes and make breakfast your most nutritious meal of the day. As they say, Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper.